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The purpouse of this application is to help security professionals during their penetration tests. Given a configuration this application will scour the target machine (and soon the target network) for the desired files then copy those files to a desired destination.

Current Features

  • Specify a list of folders to look through
  • Specify a list of expressions for identifying file types ie. *.pdf, sensitiveData???.* etc..
  • Option to make searches recursive
  • Control the maximum number of threads used
  • Copy files to a specified destination

Future Features

  • Copy files using different protocols (FTP, SFTP, HTTP(S), ICMP?? etc..)
  • Copy files to multiple destinations
  • Search for files on all network shars the current machine has access to
  • Make a throttle for network traffic

How To Use

  1. Create a configuration Xml file following the SlurpeeSchema.xsd file
  2. Run FileSlurpeeConsole <ConfigurationFileName.xml>
  3. ...
  4. Profit.

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